Heat Pump in Carrolton, TX
November 20

4 Common Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Homeowners in the Carrollton, TX, area have taken to heat pumps in a big way. They offer energy efficiency that’s up to double that of… View Article Read More

Thermostat When you ask your heat pump to turn on to either heat or cool your home, it needs to engage its compressor and fans.
November 10

Reasons Why a Thermostat Goes Into Recovery Mode

Most of the information displayed on a modern thermostat’s touchscreen is easy to interpret. Cool, warm, auto, and fan are a few examples of what… View Article Read More

HVAC unit in Carrollton, TX
October 18

How to Choose Which HVAC Unit Is Best for Your Home

When you purchased your air conditioner or heating system, you probably came across the abbreviation BTU. What does this acronym stand for, and how does… View Article Read More

HVAC unit in Carrolton, TX
October 10

Understanding Your AC Unit’s Dry Mode

Your air conditioner is essential to fighting back the unbearable heat. Even though your system has many functions, it can be easy to fall into… View Article Read More

Home Warranties in Carrolton, TX
September 13

Do Home Warranties Cover HVAC Equipment in Texas?

Buying a home warranty in Carrollton, Texas is a great way to limit your spending on appliance replacements and repairs. However, if you buy the… View Article Read More

AC Mold in Carrollton, TX
June 20

What to Do About Air Conditioner Mold

You’ve been counting on your air conditioner day in and day out during the summer months. One day you look and see a scary sight:… View Article Read More

Static Pressure in Carrollton, TX
June 4

Understanding Static Pressure in HVAC

When the temperature in your home is nice and comfortable, particularly during the hottest and coldest months of the year, you probably don’t think too… View Article Read More

Air vent in Carrolton, TX
May 18

Will Closing Upstairs Air Vents Actually Save Me Money?

The AC, furnace, and heat pump come in handy when you want to adjust the temperature of your home. However, the heating and cooling of… View Article Read More

Window AC Unit in Carollton, TX
May 2

Cleaning Your Window Unit Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners can get dirty and blocked quickly, preventing them from moving the air around your room. It is essential to ensure that the… View Article Read More

April 14

How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

With average summer temperatures in Texas regularly getting well into the 90s, air conditioning is really a must-have. If your home doesn’t currently have air… View Article Read More